The Snapbright Story

Snapbright Ltd was created by Sophie Toole, a mother to Boy/Girl twins and wife to, who she believes to be, the biggest child in the family.

An avid runner, wine drinker, lover of all things outdoors and mud.Having been overly organised and regimented in her life before the twins arrived, she thought that life would continue that way. If anything it would just mean she had more recruits into her army regime.

Oh how wrong she was………..

Life was chaotic at best and at worst all over the place. Nappies everywhere and the washing machine on 24 hours a day washing babygrows, bibs, and all manner of other baby paraphernalia. How can something that doesn’t move make so much mess?Wriggling babies are hard to get dressed so the twins lived in babygrows to make life slightly easier. Always in a rush the poppers were always mismatched, even vests got mismatched. So after buying babygrows with colour co-ordinating fasteners thinking this was the answer to all lifes problems, it turned out lifes problems hadn’t been solved at all. Colour coordinating actually meant they matched the colour of the fabric. So Snapbright was formed to solve this mismatching issue.


We hope that little things can help to make a big difference.


Director and Founder Sophie Toole