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Nursery necessities, niceties and no-nos

We were so excited when we found out I was pregnant. After the 12 week scan, our thoughts soon turned to the nursery and how to make it look amazing. When I say ‘our thoughts’, I actually mean ‘my’. My husband was a little bewildered by my talk of cot bumpers, nappy stackers and matching bedding  but he gamely went with it.

Our daughter was due in April, so we waited for the January sales. I spent hours trawling the internet, planning what we would need and was so excited for the day when we could finally go out and shop for our little one’s arrival.

I’m a keen sewer, so I’d already made a cot tidy, nappy stacker, book tidy and some bunting for her room. I wanted home comforts in her room, and I wanted her to know that I had made things with love for her.

When I was heavily pregnant, I would sit on the nursery floor, feeling her kick and just enjoy the calm of the environment we had created. I cherish those memories and the anticipation of waiting to meet our daughter.

In reality, Sophia is now nearly 9 months and she’s still in our room, so one could argue that the nursery itself is a bit useless and nothing more than a dressing room. So was all of the planning worth it? What do we actually use?


The cot is obviously a necessity, but we only started using it 2 weeks ago, almost a year to the day when it was delivered.

Definitely the wardrobe with shelves on one side. We kept the door off on that side, so sleepsuits and vests are easily accessible. We bought a basket unit for bibs, muslins, hats and socks, which has been brilliant. The main benefit of these being that they are open, so easy to access when grappling a baby who appears to have 8 limbs.

The nappy bin has been great. We thought that was a little bit of a fad, but has certainly saved many trips downstairs with dirty nappies.

The nappy stacker has actually been very useful, as it keeps all of the nappy changing paraphernalia in one place and can be easily moved away from litle grasping hands.


Stickers on the wall next to the changing mat have really helped to entertain the baby octopus our child has become.

The cot tidy has found a place for all of the little things that we need near to hand – such as comb, nail scissors, thermometer – which didn’t really have a home.

No nos:

Cot bumpers, duvet, matching throw – all useless. They look pretty, but we won’t be using them due to safe sleeping advice.

The same with the bed nest we got. I was so paranoid about SIDS that we never really used it.

We bought a lovely cot mobile, but I can’t get it to stay on the cot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the nursery isn’t for the baby at all, it’s for us as parents. It fulfills that primal nesting instinct, to get everything ready for the baby, to welcome her into our home. In reality, Sophia would be more than happy in a sleepsuit, asleep on my lap.


Written by Helen Newton

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